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Anyone that’s been playing Phantom Forces for a while will know that encountering a hacker here and there is inevitable. These hackers can be equipped with a number of cool hacks that really bring the game’s enjoyment out, such as Aimbot or ESP.

CheaterForge would like to note that this article is for educational purposes only and is not encouraging players to ruin the experience of others—if you’re going to hack, we would like to show you how to do it safely, without any risk of malware. With great power comes great responsibility! In return, we ask that you only use these cheats on private servers in a way that does not contradict Roblox’s Terms of Use. It is important to note that ‘If you cheat on Roblox games or use cheat programs, including non-Roblox software or programs, to play the games we will freeze your account.‘ and therefore, we are not responsible for what you do with this information.

For players new to hacking in Roblox, the idea of importing scripts will sound foreign and confusing. To put in as few words as possible, players will need two elements: (1) an injector (a.k.a. an executor) and (2) a working script.

Luckily for you, we have made a complete list of the best Roblox script executors; here, you will find a range of free and paid executors. If you’re new, we suggest opting for a free one such as KRNL.

With that being said, you will also need to find a working script compatible with Phantom Forces. Well, that’s what we will be looking at in this article! …

How to Download Phantom Forces Scripts

To start, open your web browser and click this link, which will redirect you to the best Roblox script website out there. We’re not sponsored by the company; it’s just our humble opinion that Rscripts has the most extensive database of scripts.

The page you will be taken to should look something like this:

Phantom Forces Script Download
Phantom Forces Script Download

Note: You must have a Roblox executer/injector. We highly suggest Synapse X, for which a download guide can be found here.

Once there, use the search button and type in ‘Solaris‘. Solaris used to be one of the most significant FPS game script types, but their old version v2 was discontinued. Fortunately, the developer has just released the v3 version, which currently supports SCP-3008 and Phantom Forces.

Made by Solaris Software LLC
Made by Solaris Software LLC

Getting the Script

To get the script, click on “Get Script” and either copy the script or download it. I personally recommend copying it, as it’s simpler.

Getting the Script
Getting the Script

After obtaining the script, click on the Game Link button to be redirected to Phantom Forces. Launch the game, and we’ll proceed from there.

Executing the Script

Once you’re in the game, click on “Execute” and wait a bit. You’ll need to obtain a key by clicking on “Get Key” and following the instructions.

After copying the key, paste it and click on “Submit”. The script will now load, and you’ll see a ton of features available.

Phantom Forces Hack
Phantom Forces Hack

Customizing Your Settings

The script offers various options, including gun mods, legit stuff, rage stuff, and enemy ESP. You can customize the settings to make your gameplay more legit, or go all out with the rage settings. For this tutorial, I’ll enable aimbot, silent aimbot, and enemy ESP.

Testing the Script in Action

With the script active, it’s time to test it out. Upon entering the enemy spawn, the aimbot works incredibly well, and you can adjust settings like hit chance and headshot chance for a more legit experience. The script is undoubtedly the best one for Phantom Forces right now.

Additional Features

Other features available in the script include modifying spread, recoil, gun bobbing, and camera bobbing. You can also enable features like:

  • Spin bot
  • Rage insta-kill
  • Knife aura

…for an even more powerful gaming experience. However, be cautious with these settings, as they can make your gameplay too obvious.

Best Phantom Forces Scripts

In this section, we will review three of the best scripts for Phantom Forces that offer various features like a legit-looking aimbot, rage mode, and even unlocking all skins.

Straw Hook Script

Straw Hook Script
Straw Hook Script

The Straw Hook script offers the most features out of all three scripts. Here are some of its main features:

Legit Bot

This feature includes an aimbot, silent aim, and randomization options that make your aim look more legitimate. To make your aim appear more realistic, you can adjust the field of view (FOV).

Rage Tab

The Rage tab offers additional features to destroy opponents quickly, such as wall-bangable instant kill and knife aura range. Be careful when using these features as they can make your gameplay look less legitimate.

Visuals Tab

Customize various visuals like no camera bob, no gun sway, ESP, boxes, health bars, and more. This tab allows you to enhance your game visuals and identify opponents easily.

Miscellaneous Features: Straw Hook also provides an auto hop on vote kick, auto vote, and kill say options. These features help you avoid getting kicked from the server and add some extra fun elements to your gameplay.

HyperX Script

The HyperX script is simpler than Straw Hook and ideal if you just want to have fun in the game. Here are its main features:

Rage Tab: Similar to Straw Hook, this script also has a rage tab, allowing you to access features like fly, auto wall bang, silent aim, and hitbox expander.

Visuals Tab: Customize visuals with options like tracers, names, grenade ESP, and more. You can also break all the windows in the game, which can be advantageous for maneuvering around the map.

Despite its simplicity, the HyperX script offers a solid range of features for players looking to have fun.

Final Script

The final script, which requires a key to access, offers features like aimbot, gun mods, and rage mode. It also has a home tab for local player settings, which can be fun to explore. Out of the three scripts, this one is considered the best, but its key requirement makes it less accessible.

Choosing the Right Script

For players seeking a more legitimate gameplay experience, Straw Hook is the best choice. For those just looking to have fun, HyperX is an excellent option. The final script offers the best features but requires a key, so choose the one that fits your needs the most.


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