About Us

CheaterForge is an informational website created by Mark Tootra that explains by-gamers-to-gamers how to mod their favorite games.

I have many hobbies; boxing, reading, and, well… gaming! From a young age, I played on my iPad constantly. This all changed when, in 7th grade, I was bought a laptop by my parents, which changed my world!


Instantly, I upgraded from mobile games to PC titles—I still remember playing Skyrim for the first time. However, being that I was playing on a not-so-high-end computer, these games were made ten times more difficult. And it was the search for making my favorite games easier that led me to start using Cheat Engine.

With this, I learned the tool inside-out and, now, with my years of experience, created this website, CheaterForge, to share my knowledge.

Although I am based in Queensland, Australia, we hire writers from around the globe—England, and The U.S.A, for example—to ensure our articles are top-notch.

If you need to get in touch, feel free to contact the CheaterForge support team here.


  • Mark Tootra

    Mark Tootra is most definitely a hard-core gamer; one that has been playing for all his life. From a young age, he loved souls-like games—one problem; THEY'RE DIFFICULT. With this, he eventually downloaded Cheat Engine, which took him down a path that changed his life. Now, with his thousands of hours, he calls himself "experienced" and "well-versed" in the realm of using hacks. And, it is for this reason, he began CheaterForge.com to share his thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.