Best Script Executors: How to Use Scripts in Roblox

In this beginner’s tutorial, we’ll go step by step on how to get exploits and scripts in Roblox. First, you’ll need to get yourself an Executor, which runs the scripts for you. There are paid and free Executors available, but be cautious as some may contain viruses. In this article, we’ll cover both paid and free Executors.

Paid Executors

  • Synapse X: A highly recommended Executor that works for almost any device and can load any script. It costs around 20 USD, but it’s worth it for the time saved using scripts for exploiting.
  • Scriptware: Another good Executor, similar to Synapse X. It can run on Mac and iOS and has its own built-in script catalog. It also has a supportive community.

Free Executor

  • Krnl: If you’re looking for a free option, Krnlis the safest choice. We’ll show you how to install Krnl in this tutorial.

How to Install KRNL

First, go to the Krnl website ( and scroll down to the big green button that says ‘Click Here’. This will start downloading the Executor.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that you must disable your AntiVirus software in order to download KRNL. I would like to emphasize that whilst the anti-virus is disabled, your computer is at risk. We encourage you to proceed with caution.

The reason we ask that you disable it is that your anti-virus will likely pick the program up as a false positive; that is, it will suspect it is unsafe. In reality, KRNL is trusted by the Roblox hacking community and is safe.

You should be extra careful about which website you download KRNL; downloading from the wrong source is dangerous. For example, Malwarebytes said that “The subdomain ***.****.*** [blocked for safety] of the domain ****.** was blocked by Malwarebytes because it was associated with riskware.”

Instead, the mods over at r/robloxhackers suggest that you download KRNL from “[…] is the safe one, if you need any help just ask us :)”

Once downloaded, turn off your virus protection temporarily to run the program. After running Krnl, create an exclusion for the Krnl folder in your Windows security settings so that your virus protection doesn’t delete it.

How to Install KRNL
How to Install KRNL

Using the Executor in Roblox

Once you have Krnl installed, open any game in Roblox and click “Inject” in the Executor. You’ll need to get a key by following the link provided and completing the steps shown. After obtaining the key, paste it into the Executor menu.

Now you can start using scripts. Some scripts are preloaded in the Executor, like the Infinite Yield admin script that allows you to perform various in-game commands. You can find more scripts on various websites, such as the tutorial creator’s website.

Using the Executor in Roblox
Using the Executor in Roblox

Trying Out a Script

Players can use KRNL on a load of different Roblox games! From Pet Simulator X to Grand Piece Online — all they need is a working script.

As an example, we’ll try the Fe Minion script. Copy the script and paste it into your Executor. This script requires you to wear certain hats in-game, which will be converted into usable objects. Once you have the hats on, execute the script, and you’ll see minions following you around in-game.

There are millions of scripts available for you to explore and use in Roblox. Enjoy experimenting with different scripts and remember to be cautious when downloading Executors and scripts to avoid any potential issues.


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