Pet Simulator X Hacks (Most OP Scripts)

Pet Simulator X! is a very popular experience on Roblox which tasks players to “earn coins, open eggs, collect pets, enchant and upgrade them, unlock new worlds, and even trade pets with other players!”.

This article will serve as your one-stop guide to downloading and using Pet Simulator X hacks. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the best scripts for Pet Simulator X that will help you farm trillions of Easter coins per hour, auto complete the egg hunt instantly, and even change your pets!

All the links to these scripts will be provided.

Here are the three best Pet Sim X hacked scripts:


Using hacks in video games may go against the game’s Terms of Service. You can read Roblox’s Terms of Use here, which outlines what actions may get your account banned or suspended. As with cheating in many multiplayer games, there is a chance it will result in some form of consequences. CheaterForge is not promoting or encouraging you to hack in Roblox, and this post is for educational purposes only.

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How to Use the Roblox Pet Simulator X Script?

Step 1: Launch Roblox and A Working Executor

Of course, you will need to launch Roblox’s Pet Simulator X to start.

Best Script Executors: How to Use Scripts in Roblox
KRNL Injector

In order to inject any Roblox script, regardless of the game you’re planning on scripting, you must first have a working Roblox Injector or Exectuor (click here for our picks).

The image above, ‘KRNL Injector’, is but one of the many available online.

Once downloaded, launch the executor.

Step 2: Attach The Executor to Roblox

The second step is to attach your executor to Pet Simulator X.

This step will change depending on which executor you’re using, as each will have its respective way of connecting. You will be able to find a given executor’s method of attaching to Roblox on its website.

For the sake of this article, we will assume you have attached the injector to Roblox.

Step 3: Copy and Paste the Script into the Scriptbox

Each executor will have a scriptbox which users can paste a given script into. This will be the script that is injected into Roblox and will contain the hacks.

Execute Roblox Hacked Script
Execute Roblox Hacked Script

You will find some of our picks for the best Pet Simulator X scripts below; once found, copy the script and paste it into the scriptbox. With this being done, run the script; again, this will change depending on which executor you have, but typically there is a ‘run’ button or something of that sort.

Run Button on KRNL Executor
Run Button on KRNL Executor

Best Roblox Pet Simulator X Hack Scripts

There are a number of Pet Sim X scripts out there; too many to count! Unfortunately, many of them either (1) don’t work or (2) are, frankly, poor quality. Luckily for you, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and uncovered the best pet simulator x hacks that you can take advantage of.

MilkUp ScriptPet Changer ScriptProject WD Script
Instant Finish Egg HuntYesN/AN/A
Receive Easter PetsYesN/AN/A
Auto FarmYesN/AYes
Change PetsN/AYesN/A
Fast Open EggN/AYesN/A
Auto EnchantN/AYesN/A
Auto DaycareN/AYesN/A
Automation TabN/AYesN/A
Auto HatchN/AN/AYes
Auto MasteryN/AN/AYes
Converter MachinesN/AN/AYes
Instant DeleteN/AN/AYes
Hoverboard SpeedN/AN/AYes
Pet SpeedN/AN/AYes
Equip/Unequip Best PetsN/AN/AYes

Here are the best three Pet Sim X hacks:

MilkUp Script

MilkUp Script
MilkUp Script

The MilkUp script was recently updated with a new feature that allows you to instantly finish the egg hunt. After completing the egg hunt, you will receive numerous Easter pets, including Rainbow Spring Griffins and Easter Yetis. The script also offers a normal Auto Farm feature, which helps you collect coins quickly. For optimal farming results, head to the Cat Kingdom and set the speed to 0.13 before starting the farm.

Pet Changer Script

Pet Changer Script
Pet Changer Script

The Pet Changer script allows you to change your huge pets into other pets, such as Titanic Jollycat or Titanic Banana. Make sure you have a normal huge pet for this script to work. While it is uncertain if other players can see the changed pets, it is a fun way to troll other players in the game.

Fast Open Egg Feature

This useful feature allows you to open multiple eggs at once, increasing the number of eggs opened per session. After collecting Easter pets from the eggs, you can use the provided GUIs to teleport to different areas like Rainbow, Golden, or Dark Matter machines, and auto convert your pets.

Auto Enchant Feature

With the Auto Enchant feature, you can quickly obtain enchantments for your pets. Choose the desired enchantment and go near the Enchanting Machine. The enchanting process is extremely fast, and you can obtain multiple enchantments in seconds.

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Auto Daycare Feature

Enrolling your pets in the daycare allows you to earn massive amounts of Easter coins. Use the Auto Daycare feature to maximize your coin earnings. This feature is especially useful if you are not exporting, as you can make about a trillion coins per hour using the Auto Farm feature in the Cat Kingdom.

Automation Tab

The Automation tab is an extremely useful tool for those looking to optimize their gameplay. It allows you to start auto farms only when needed, such as when you have enough coins to open eggs or when there is a 25x lock. The Automation tab also includes auto use machines, notifications, and a pet collection feature.

Project WD Script

Project WD Script
Project WD Script

The Project WD script offers similar features to the MilkUp script, such as Auto Farm, Auto Hatch, Auto Mastery, and Converter Machines. It also includes an Instant Delete feature that allows you to delete pets below a certain power level, which is helpful for those who auto farm eggs overnight.

Other Features

Some additional features include hoverboard speed, pet speed, and the ability to equip or unequip the best pets. These features can help enhance your gaming experience and make playing Pet Simulator X even more enjoyable.

What Are the Best Scripts for Pet Simulator X?

There are a number of scripts for Pet Simulator X to choose from; each with their own unique hacks. However, we have found the MilkUp Script to be the best available. If you’re interested, the download link can be found on this article.


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