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This CheaterForge guide explains how to download and install 8 Ball Pool hacks for MiniClip. There are a number of different methods that cheaters use to unlock extra features in the game; however, we will cover the absolute best and safest way to do it.

Continue reading to learn how to cheat in 8 Ball Pool, as you will find everything you need to know below…

8 Ball Pool Cheats List

Here is a list of several common cheats that players use in MiniClip 8 Ball Pool:

  • mega power;
  • guidelines;
  • unlimited tokens;
  • unlimited cash (pool coins);
  • unlimited cue recharge;
  • change level;
  • and long lines.

… we should, however, prompt you to be careful. These cheats carry the real risk of being banned. Furthermore, checking in multiplayer is against the game’s terms of service, so stick to singleplayer only!

8 Ball Pool Hack Download Guide (Android)

The primary way Android players go about downloading 8 Ball Pool hacks is through modded APKs. They are, however, quite risky to download—many contain malware, so it’s best to opt for the site we recommend.

There are many out there, but we find ModYOLO to be the best.

Hacks for 8 Ball Pool (Miniclip)
Hacks for 8 Ball Pool (Miniclip)

After downloading the file from the link above and tapping on it under the downloads tab, you will be asked to install the Modded 8 Ball Pool Android App. Don’t click install just yet.

First and foremost, you should run the file through VirusTotal, a program designed to check for malicious software in files. At the time of writing this, the file shows no sign of being malicious; we recommend checking, though, as future updates may contain unwanted stuff.

With this being complete, tap the top-right corner of your search engine and click the Downloads button (assuming you are on Google Chrome). Tap the .apk file and go through with the installation.

8 Ball Pool Cheat Download
8 Ball Pool Cheat Download

By default, the modded app will install on your home screen. Tap on the app and wait for the game to load.

How to Hack 8 Ball Pool on Android

Once you’ve followed through with the installation guide above, players can hack 8 Ball Pool.

There will be an in-built mod menu where various hacks can be toggled, some of which we list above.

There are also many other methods for other platforms. Next, we will cover how to cheat on MiniClip with a PC / Computer using Cheat Engine.


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