ROBLOX Da Hood Script (Most OP Pastebin Hacks)

In this tutorial, we will introduce the latest Da Hood scripts that bring numerous features to enhance your gaming experience.

These include killing features, auto farming for infinite cash, server crashing, unbanning, and more.

To get started with the scripts, you’ll need an Executor. A tutorial video is available below…

Section: Roblox Injectors and Executors

[April 2023] How To Use Exploits / Scripts On ROBLOX For Free | No Errors | *BEGINNER TUTORIAL*

Roblox Da Hood Script

The newest addition to the Da Hood script arsenal is called Enclosed. This script offers several exciting features, like superhero flying and no-clipping, which allows you to walk through walls.

To enable no-clip, simply activate the feature and enjoy traversing through walls as if they weren’t there.

Da Hood Script Hacks
Da Hood Script Hacks

Other features in the Enclosed script include:

  • Aim Lock: A reliable, difficult-to-detect aimbot
  • Automatic trash talking
  • Self-unbanning
  • Invisible mask: Makes your character invisible and hides your name
  • Q for teleporting: Teleport around the map with the press of a button
  • Infinite stamina: Run, jump, and move without tiring

Combat Features

One of the most entertaining features in the Enclosed script is Free Fists. With Free Fists, you can eliminate players from any distance. Activate this feature, and target players with a simple click. You can easily disable it by pressing the Q key.

Additional combat features include:

  • Auto reload
  • Auto anti-stomp: Prevents players from stomping on you
  • Aim lock: Enhances your accuracy with guns
Combat Hacks
Combat Hacks

Auto Farming and Selling Tools

The Enclosed script also offers powerful auto farming capabilities. By activating the ATM farm, you can earn millions of in-game cash per day.

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To sell your hard-earned cash automatically, use the Auto Drop feature under the selling tools menu.

Teleportation and Targeting

The Enclosed script provides various teleportation options and a waypoints tab for quick navigation.

You can even teleport to otherwise inaccessible areas like the admin base. Additionally, the Target tab allows you to automatically kill opponents from different angles and view their activities.

Other Scripts: Paradox, Venom, and More

Apart from the Enclosed script, other notable Da Hood scripts include Paradox, Venom, and SpaceX (available in the video description).

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These scripts also provide several features for enhancing your gameplay. Some examples are:

  • Paradox: Offers similar features to Enclosed, including combat, teleportation, and fun tools for trolling
  • Venom: Provides various aimbot settings, TP to all dropped items (similar to a cash farm), and ESP (visuals like health bars)
  • SpaceX: Offers God mode, auto farming, and more

Remember to always use these scripts responsibly and respect other players’ gaming experience. Enjoy exploring the world of Da Hood with these powerful scripts and level up your gameplay!


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