Stellaris Cheat Engine Guide

Just like other Paradox games, Stellaris can be very difficult—not just for beginners, but for pros too! With the many components of the game that need to be managed, it’s no wonder that players look for a way to cheat. In this article, we will go through how you can use Cheat Engine, the free-to-use and popular cheating tool, to unlock a number of hacks in Stellaris (which we will list later in the article).

For the sake of this article, we will assume that you have already installed Cheat Engine; if not, you can find a complete guide on this website. Click on the Cheat Engine Guide button in the top bar to access it. For help locating this, refer to the image below called ‘Cheat Engine Guide‘.

Cheat Engine Guide
Cheat Engine Guide

Stellaris Cheat Engine Guide:


Here are all the features included with the cheat table as of Stellaris v. 1.8.3 (the latest update):

Hack / CheatDescription
Quick Task (for some ships)instant execution of tasks
Quick Colonizationinstant settlement
Minimum Cluesinfinite proofs
Quick Construction of Megastructuresquick construction of megastructures
Minimum Production per tilechange production per tile
Minimum Insightsinfinite ideas
Investigationchange investigation
Quick Researchinstant research
Troop Moralechange troop morale
Stationsinstantly remove stations
Minimum Resourcesinfinite resources
Goodschange products
Quick Excavationinstant digging
Quick First Encounterquick first encounters
Alloyschange alloys
God Modeinfinite health
Machineschange technique
Stations (Hull/Shield/Armor)change characteristics of stations
Dark Matterchange dark matter
Living Metalschange living metal
Quick Productioninstant production
Special Projects Onlyperform only special projects
Unitychange cohesion
Exotic Gaseschange exotic gases
Clearing Blockersclearing blockers
Phases in 5 daysstages complete after 5 days
Foodchange food
Volatile Moteschange volatile motes
Ships (Hull/Shield/Armor)change ship characteristics
Troopschange troops
Beingschange creatures
Troop Recruitmentrecruit troops
Player’s Characters quick level-up to maxquick level-up of player’s characters to max
Minimum Special Resourcesinfinite special resources
Buildingseats all kinds of buildings
Zrochange Zro
Nanitesedit nanites
Quick Buildinginstant construction
Quick Population Growthinstant population growth
Colossus Quick Actionscolossus quick actions
All kinds of Districtseats all kinds of districts
Minimum Stabilityinfinite stability
Energychange energy
Rare Crystalschange rare crystals
Quick Task (for some ships)instant execution of tasks
Surveyedit survey
Difficulty ~ always easydifficulty set to easy
Quick Fleet Movepretty quick fleet movement
Mineralschange minerals
Quick Excavationinstant digging
Quick Buildinginstant construction
List of Stellaris cheats

Step 1: Stellaris Cheat Table Download

Now that we’ve looked at what’s included, it’s time to actually download the thing!

The first step is to download Stellaris Cheat Engine Table v3.8.3 (click here) — now, I know your first thoughts when you click that link: It’s in Russian! Before you close the tab and run your anti-virus software, hear me out.

Download Safety

Not only have I had no issues with downloading and using the table from this website, but I have also run it through various anti-virus scanners, such as VirusTotal. See for yourself; the image below displays the results.

Stellaris Trainer
Stellaris Trainer

However, we still suggest that you run the file through VirusTotal yourself prior to actually using it; better to be safe than sorry!

The only reason I am addressing this ‘virus’ aspect of this so heavily is that an unfortunate truth of the internet is that not everything you download is safe. And we at CheaterForge strive to ensure every software we recommend is safe.

Once you’re on the website, we suggest switching the language to English. If you’re on Google Chrome (which you probably should be), there is a google translate feature that can be enabled to automatically translate everything on screen. To enable it manually, click on the little Google Translate button to the right of your search bar (refer to ‘Google Translate Button’ below).

Google Translate Button
Google Translate Button

With the website now in English, you should see a list of versions available. At the time of writing, the latest release of Stellaris is v. 3.8.2, so that will be used as an example in this article.

Click on the version and select ‘Download Without Registration’ and then ‘Download From Site”. This will start downloading the Stellaris Cheat Engine Table.

Keep in mind where you downloaded the file! You will need this later on…

Step 2: Set up Cheat Engine and Stellaris

Next, open Cheat Engine and Stellaris. With both open, select the Stellaris process from Cheat Engine’s process list (refer to ‘PC Button (Open Process List)‘ below).

PC Button (Open Process List)
PC Button (Open Process List)

Step 3: Import Stellaris’ Cheat table

Locate where you downloaded the Cheat Table (as discussed in Step 1), which will typically be found in your Downloaded or Quick Access folders. Drag the .CT file (Cheat Table file) into the Cheat Engine’s bottom box; refer to ‘How to Use Cheat Table‘ below.

How to Use Cheat Table
How to Use Cheat Table

Doing this will load the long list of hacks we mentioned earlier.

Step 4: Open a Save File on Stellaris

Tab back into Stellaris and load in a save file. This can be a new or existing one; it does not make a difference.

Step 5: Activate the Cheats

From here, you can you any of the cheats that are included in the table. All you have to do is double-click and change the value!

Can I Cheat in Stellaris?

In terms of cheating in Stellaris, there are two methods players use to cheat: (1) using console commands and (2) using Cheat Engine. Console commands are a more standard way of cheating; however, they cannot be used in multiplayer, nor do they allow players to change everything they may wish to. On the other hand, Cheat Engine can be used (although it takes slightly more time to set up) in order to unlock some more unique hacks in the game.


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