Best Cracked Minecraft Servers

This page contains information on the best Minecraft servers cracked.

Minecraft supports both single and multiplayer modes. This enables players to enjoy the thrill of the game alone or together with their friends. Despite most servers requiring an official account, some servers do not need an account and are known as cracked servers.

Cracked Minecraft servers allow players to use Minecraft hacked clients compared to vanilla servers that only allow the un-modded Mojang client. For players to play a cracked Minecraft game, they need to play on specific cracked Minecraft servers. This entails players enjoying the game without a genuine Minecraft account hence being able to pass through the account security checks.  

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This cracked server has a player limit of 1300 players, and more than half of the slots are already filled. The server is based in Germany. Apart from the survival mode, players are able to locate games such as Prison, Skyblock, Bedrock, Bedwars, PvP, Crossplay, and many more.

This is a cracked server with its base in Romania. It included a large player limit of up to 3000 players and entails many common game modes such as Prison, Parkour, Creative, Skywars, Oneblock, Skyblock, and Cracked.

The server boasts of its simplicity because it was set up with the task of giving the Minecraft experience to players who are not able to buy or play using the official version of the game alongside their friends.



The server is a cracked one which consists of players engaging in battles with other players or individually. The server has a small community, making it less toxic compared to others with many members.

The server allows a maximum of 250 players, and it is based in the UK. Moreover, the server has various game modes such as Survival, Bedrock, SMP, Lifestyle, Hardcore, Economy, and Crossplay.

Minemalia Server


Minemalia is a cracked server that focuses on customization and enhancing creativity. The server contains various game modes such as Economy, PvP, Oneblock, Skywars, and many others.

It has a maximum capacity of 2000 players, and its base is in the United States of America. Additionally, the server has Creative game modes, hence living up to its focus on customization.

Jartex Server


This is another server based in the USA. The server’s advantage is that it allows players who use both the official and cracked game versions to team up or compete against each other.

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The server has various game modes such as Bedwars, Custom Skyblock, UHC, The Bridge, and many more. Moreover, the server has a high player capacity of 5000 player limit.

Pika Server


It is one of the most famous servers in the United States. Players who use the game’s official and cracked versions can play on the same server.

The server has a high capacity of supporting 6500 players. The game modes include Bedwars, Skywars, Factions, KitPvP, and many others.

Immortal Survival Server

Immortal Survival
Immortal Survival

 It is a server based in the United States. It can hold up to 1000 players and offers plenty of game modes such as Survival, SMP, Anarchy, Vanilla, Hardcore, Factions, Prison, and many more. The server does not deviate from the original Minecraft, and it is comprised of little to no modifications and vanilla textures.


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