How to Use Cheat Engine on Adventure Capitalist (Steam, Bluestacks)

If you’re a fan of clicker games and want to get ahead in Adventure Capitalist (AdCap), this guide will show you how to use Cheat Engine, Bluestacks, and Steam to make progress much faster.

Setting Up Cheat Engine and Scanning Values

To start, open the AdCap game and Cheat Engine. Select the game process to get it going. If you’re on Bluestacks, make sure Cheat Engine is attached too, which should be under the HD Player.

Adventure Capitalist Process
Adventure Capitalist Process

Now you’ll want to upgrade your in-game investments to get more money. As you upgrade, scan for the corresponding values in Cheat Engine.

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Editing Investment Values

Once you’ve identified the set of values you want to work with, you can edit them by right-clicking and selecting “change value of selected addresses.”

"change value of selected addresses."
“change value of selected addresses.”

Start with a simple number like 2000 and watch your in-game earnings skyrocket. This will help you unlock new ventures and upgrades much faster.

Speeding Up Your Progress

To speed up your progress even more, you can change the value of the time warp. This will give you access to more time warps, allowing you to speed through the game at a much faster pace. To do this, you’ll need to search for the time warp value in Cheat Engine and then edit it.

Editing Time Warp Values

Time Warp Hack
Time Warp Hack

Once you’ve found the time warp value, change it to a larger number like 9000. This will give you 8,999 time warps to use in the game, allowing you to progress much faster. Remember to adjust the value as needed to make the most of this hack.

These hacks can also be applied to the base game of AdCap, making it even easier to progress through the game. While this guide focuses on hacking the event rewards, similar techniques can be applied to other aspects of the game.

Using Cheat Engine, Bluestacks, and Steam, you can significantly improve your AdCap gaming experience.

This guide provides a starting point for hacking the game, but there may be more hacks and tips to discover…


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