Borderlands 2: Cheat Engine Table Download Tutorial

This Borderlands 2 Cheat Engine Guide explains how to download the Borderlands 2 Cheat Table to unlock, well… pretty much everything you can imagine within the game!

If you’re now already aware, let’s start with the question what is a Cheat Engine Table? Cheat tables are a script that is used in conjunction with the Cheat Engine tool in order to mod games. In our case, however, we will show you how to mod Borderlands 2.

A number of hacks become available to players when you inject the table; for instance, unlimited ammo, speed, jump multiplier, fixed slot machine and dice, and unique weapon spread, to name a few. The best part? You also unlock unlimited free legendary items! …using the resource bypass and the fixed slot machine hacks we describe below.


How to Use Cheat Engine in Borderlands 2

YouTube How-to Video Guide

The link to download the Borderlands 2 Cheat Engine Table can be found here. Clicking on that hyperlink will take you to NexusMods. On the right, select the Download: Manual button.

Borderlands 2 Trainer
Borderlands 2 Trainer

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Take note of where you downloaded the table, as you’ll need to access it later. In general, you can typically find it under the Quick Access folder within the File Explorer.

With that in mind, open Borderlands 2 and load up a save game, and also open Cheat Engine. Start by selecting the game’s process by clicking the PC icon on the top-left.

Cheat Engine: PC Button
Cheat Engine: PC Button

Within Cheat Engine, simultaneously hold the Ctrl key and O Key (Ctrl + O). Navigate to where you downloaded the cheat table and double-left-click to open it.

By doing this, a new window will pop up with a list of available Bordlands 2 hacks that can be toggled.

Borderlands 2 Cheat Menu
Borderlands 2 Cheat Menu

It’s also important to note that the above cheats work ONLY when playing as the host; otherwise, they won’t work, unfortunately.

Does Borderlands 2 Have Anti-Cheat?

Borderlands 2 does not have an anti-cheat system, and cheating is still prevalent though mostly through modded weapons and saves. Gearbox, the developers, have always been open-minded about what their customers do with their game after buying it and don’t foresee themselves implementing anti-cheat software.

Can You Get Banned From Borderlands 2?

As Gearbox hasn’t [and doesn’t plan to] add an anti-cheat system and doesn’t police what their players do within the game, you can’t get banned from Borderlands 2.

As such, feel free to do whatever you like! Cheats, hacks, and everything else.

Gearbox is very unique in this regard. FromSoft (the developers on Elden Ring), in contrast, have a very different approach as you can get banned for using Cheat Engine in Elden Ring.

Can You Use Cheat Engine on Borderlands?

Yes, players can use Cheat Engine on Borderlands to mod various loot and stats in the game.

Can You Mod The Drop Rate for Legendaries in Borderlands 2 Using Cheat Engine?

The drop rate for Legendary items in Borderlands 2 can be modded using Cheat Engine. Using the method outlined above, players can increase the chances of Legendary items dropping from enemies and loot chests to as high as they want!


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