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  • Citizens: Overwrite Citizen Stats (Health, Happiness, Hunger, Cold, Age)
  • Age Options (Age Limit, Instant Adult)
  • Resources: Infinite Mine/Quarry Resources
  • Reset Mines/Quarries (by selecting)
  • Infinite Storage Resources (99 minimum)
  • Increase Storage Capacity (999999)
  • Building: Quick Build
  • Misc: Overwrite Game Speed
  • Houses: Infinite House Resources (99 minimum)

Trainer info

Banished Trainer

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Game Version

Version 1.0.7


Steam on Windows



Creator: Mark Tootra

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How to Cheat in Banished

The process of using cheat tables in any game is the same (view guide). In short, drag the downloaded table into Cheat Engine’s saved address list and you’re good to go!

How to Use Cheat Table
How to Use Cheat Table

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